Who We Are

We are a women-owned small business team that combines over 40 years of experience in the world of advertising and marketing with a fresh perspective built on the pulse of what is thriving today.

What We Do

Qualitative Research and Consumer Insight. We translate what your target consumers say, to a language that helps you understand what they really mean and how they really feel.

Why Liminal

We’re not merely professionally skilled moderators. We bring the added value of Agency experience to provide branding and strategic planning that frames the research in actionable next steps.

About Us

A LIMINAL EXPERIENCE is to enter a situation with one set of beliefs, attitudes and perceptions, and to undergo a transformational encounter as a result of new learning and insight. In this process, one comes out of the experience with a whole different perspective.

LIMINAL RESEARCH is intended to provide just that experience for our clients: a process that provides a perceptive view of the status quo, with learning, insight and implications for how change can transform their brand proposition.

Liminal [lim-uh-nl], adj.

a unique perspective on what has come before, and what may come next

The Partners


Rachel Geller
Principal and Founder

Rachel’s life’s work has been listening to people in a way that allows them to feel heard and understood, and then translating those emotions and perceptions into actionable implications for her clients. She has been a pioneer in going underneath and beyond people’s conscious responses by borrowing learning from the social sciences to deepen marketers’ insights into consumers and their various sub-cultures.

Rachel has had a long career in branding, marketing and advertising. For over a decade she was Saatchi and Saatchi Kid Connection’s Worldwide Strategic Planning Director. Prior to forming Liminal Research she was Founding Partner and Chief Strategic Officer of the Geppetto Group for fourteen years.


Danielle Spiro

Danielle brings her skills, sensitivity and understanding of child development as a Towson Elementary Ed. grad and former Title l schoolteacher in Anne Arundel County. A RIVA trained moderator, Danielle has initiated and developed creative research tools with the important Millennial consumer target, and implemented a variety of insightful methodologies with moms. Since she joined Liminal Research, the business has added a whole new roster of clients.

A few fascinating projects she has spearheaded include: conducting in-depth research with tween girls and their moms on what it’s like to live with ADHD; addressing the childhood obesity conundrum by developing healthy kid foods for corporate clients; ethnographic research on how child healthcare products can better serve moms of kids of all ages.

Meet the other team members


Our skills lie in hearing what consumers really mean and turning that into meaningful insight,
in seeing brands through the eyes of your consumer. We have over two decades of specialization in youth, moms
and families. We have worked for companies that range from familiar global icons to family start-ups. Our consulting
experience is grounded in all phases of a brand’s lifecycle, including target insight, positioning, concept and
new product development and advertising in all its current forms.

Our Clients

We have had the privilege of working with a great many wonderful clients.
They have ranged from the familiar names of global icons to family start-ups. The work is often
profound and always fascinating. The wonderful relationships we have forged
continue to make this career so rewarding.



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Danielle and Rachel

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