Kids, Tweens, Teens & Family

A renowned youth marketing expertise. Our pedigree as leading experts in the youth market has enabled Liminal to deliver the target insights that lead to business-building ideas in and out of the world of youth.

Proprietary Studies: Kids and Moms, Moms and Kids

The bond between mom and her children is lifelong and inextricable. In marketing to kids, you have to really know mom and vice versa. Our variety of deeply insightful, proprietary studies explain childhood, motherhood and the powerful link they share, so that marketers can design and communicate to both audiences. Tweens, Teens and Young Adults are  highly specific targets as well, and after years of experience working with these demographics, Liminal has developed tailored models to help clients develop a deeper understanding of them.

All in a Day’s Pay: The Complex World of Contemporary Mom // It’s a Kid’s World: The 5 Thematic Drivers of Kid Culture // What a Difference a Year Makes: Ages and Stages of kids 2-11 // We’re All in the Club: Kid Archetypes // ‘Tween a Rock and a Hard Place: the Tween Years


With Kids, It’s Different!

When conducting research with kids, all aspects have to be carefully considered in the context of kids’ cognitive and psychological development – from group size and methodology to style of questioning and specialized projective techniques that aid in articulation.

Different sampling. Different timing. Different perspectives. Different screening. Different methods. Different moderators!